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For all the aspiring authors out there, this is for you. Enjoy!

3 Day Novel Contest!

Could You Write A Novel In 3 Days?! You may have noticed the new addition to my sidebar of buttons, notes and sponsors. The 3 Day Novel Contest is pretty self explanatory but i will elaborate anyway. Over labor day weekend contestants will have 3 days to write a novel, usually about 100 pages and they like double spaced.
"They" are the creators and editors of the 3 day novel contest in Vancouver BC, Canada.

"Wait a second!" I hear you all saying "I don't live in Vancouver, does that mean I'd have to go to Van for the contest?"

My answer (or rather, their answer) is NO! You can do this contest from anywhere in the world! The honor system is in place, but they have ways of knowing if you've cheated. Besides, you would really only be cheating yourself out of the experience.

Registration for the contest opens in April and there is a $50 (Canadian dollars) entry fee. You may write a short outline for yourself before the contest date and may start writing your masterpiece on Saturday no earlier than 12:01am and must stop no later than Midnight on Monday. They actually suggest that you stop at 8pm so you can give yourself time to edit and make sense of scenes that may have gone astray.

First prize is getting your book Published! Second prize is $500. Third is an honorable mention. All contestant's who sent in their manuscripts (regardless of their completeness) receives a certificate of completing the 3 day novel contest and the coveted "I survived" Sticker. All authors retain full rights to their work and may do as they wish with it after the contest is over.

I'll be talking more about this as the Contest date nears. I'm diving head first into this crazy challenge, what about you? You can read more about the 3 Day Contest at their Web page. Also, you can email them and request to be put on the mailing list to remind you of registration dates and such @ info@3daynovel.com

PS: I'm not making any money for promoting this contest, I just think it's way super cool :)